The other medical workers and I took turns holding the beautiful toddler who had been born blind. Most likely the mother’s sexual illness was responsible for the baby’s blind condition. After praying for the child we gave the mother a sack of milk, rice and medicines.

I prayed. “Lord, please motivate the mother to care for the baby. Don’t let the mother abandon this child believing it to be useless.”

The following day I treated patients again. I wrote, “AIDS test” on a slip and passed it to my translator. She shook her head no and I nodded yes. After several minutes of nods and shakes, I spoke, “The patient has lost 20% of his weight, and has had a fever and cough for over a month.”

And so we sent the patient to be tested.

But many folks believe it is better to never know because family and friends ostracize those who have it.

An hour later a female patient entered the consultation room. She had lost 10% of her body weight, and had a fever, white thrush and a cough for over a month.

Once again I had to convince my translator to send her for the test.

Each patient is given a secret number when he tests for AIDS. So anyone who sees the test results has no idea of who the test is for. There are many international agencies who give medical assistance to those who test positive. But folks are terrified to get tested because of the shunning and so the disease spreads.

It’s kind of like sin. We are afraid of anyone discovering our sins. But it is only through confession and repentance that we can receive forgiveness and cleansing. So it is with disease. Only admitting to having a disease will we be able to get help and relief from the pain.
Isn’t it better to have help than to continue suffering in misery all alone?
And confession is good for the soul.

Thanks for joining me today.
Until next week, blessings.


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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