Finding a good sale can be hard work, but an exciting challenge. And I have a reputation of thriftiness and stretching a dollar.

Several years ago I bought an elegant name brand dress, which I wore to church.

The lady greeter handed me the bulletin. “Isn’t that a Liz Claiborne dress?”

“Yes.” I thought I was making a good impression for a budgeted missionary.

“How can you spend God’s money on expensive clothes?”

I smiled. “I bought this dress at the thrift store for two dollars!”

“Aren’t we giving you enough money? Surely you don’t have to wear hand-me-down clothes from the Salvation Army!”

No matter what we do or the choices we make we’ll never be able to please everyone. However, if we seek to please God, it will not matter what people say.

I’m still waiting for all the information regarding the major decision here in Africa. But no matter where God leads me or what he is calling me to do, I will still need clothes to do it.

Although I’m into good bargains, I must practice self-control. To stop myself from over spending I carried only five dollars with me to the city, and it’s too far to walk home and get more money.

After hiking to the colossal monthly Dead Man’s market, I halted at the first booth. The man, standing in front of his heap of clothes, screamed “Twenty cents.” Glancing at the pile, I noticed many items had name brand new British price tags.

To be certain I had hit the jackpot, I walked through the three acres of booths and then returned. He must have seen the gleam in my eye as I picked up a dress. “Would you like to sit in my chair, Madam?”

“No thank you.”

As a significant bargain hunter, I can’t shop sitting down. I need to bend, stand, stretch, turn and kneel to lift the clothes from the bottom of the pile. And it’s intense work. He watched me pick up another dress, check the label, the seams, the hem, the buttons and the zipper.

“Madam, you are the serious shopper.”

“Thank you.” Great compliment I thought.

After an hour of searching through every garment I had a pile of clothes. Then I picked up each item and scrutinized it again to determine if it matched others in my pile or something back at home.

In the end, I purchased three new Maiden form undergarments for sixty cents. One “Gap” dress for twenty cents. A Marks and Spencer skirt for twenty cents. Plus three blouses and two sweaters, Armani, Lords of London and St George. And I still had three dollars left, but my bag was full. Or I can say, my cup runneth over.

Like all good shoppers I can’t return home with money. Just a joke! Laugh. Ha. Ha. It was then mid-afternoon and I hadn’t had breakfast. To end a perfect shopping excursion, I stopped at the patisserie and for two dollars had a cup of tea and French chocolate croissant. Wow!

Besides enjoying a great outing, I had witnessed to some folks and practiced speaking the local language. And there’s something, else. If we set out to please God, we might have a good time in the process. And I did.

Thanks for joining me today,
Until next week blessings.


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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