A smile and an act of kindness go a long way, maybe all the way to Heaven.

I walked behind a man selling fruit from a wheelbarrow as he pushed it along. And then the sign blew off the wheelbarrow, and I stepped away to pick it up.

“Excuse me,” I called. “This blew off your load.”

He stopped, turned and smiled at me. It was the best, biggest and most beautiful smile I’d seen in a week. And everyone around turned to smile, too.

That smile of gratitude kept me going over the next few days when I faced colossal challenges in my life and ministry.

Later in the bakery, the line was long, as usual. I went to the end of the line to order the bread. Then I carried my order slip to a second line to pay for it before the third line to collect the bread.

There were six customers ahead of me in the second line. The first woman dropped her coins in her huge, messy sack. She stepped out of the line to search for her money. More customers paid, but she still hadn’t found her money. Just as I reached the cashier the customer found her money and was headed to the end of the long line again.

I smiled and pointed to the cashier. “Please go ahead of me.”

The cashier smiled, the servers smiled and the lady smiled. “Thank you.”

Smiles everywhere, and it felt good.

And then after I paid, a server handed me a bag. “Here is your bread.”

“Thank you.” And I didn’t have to join the third line to collect it.

We never know the effects of a smile and a little act of thoughtfulness. God sees everything, but often someone else is watching too.

Thanks for joining me today,
Until next week,


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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