The station was filled with passengers. Each of us held a ticket to board the colossal, luxury bus headed to an African village, two-hundred miles in the north.

Before passengers were permitted on the transportation all the luggage had to be loaded.

One porter frowned at the mountain of bags. “It looks like there’s a tiny problem.”

The bus driver sighed. “To solve this little difficulty we can put loads inside the toilet in the bus. The door has always been kept locked, but I have the key.”

The luggage handlers snatched the trunks and cases that were the closet to the vehicle to start packing them. But each of the passengers shoved his own containers ahead of the baggage of others, and a riot broke out. 

I remained in the far corner of the station, away from the uprising.

The police arrived and surrounded the mob. A senior officer entered the bus and then descended the stairs. “There is a little dilemma. It’s illegal to store body parts on a public vehicle.”

Then I remembered, it was a city noted for its sorcery.

Another officer added. “Besides, there’s a tiny problem with the bus. It is too small.”

After the porters removed the baggage they had packed, the bus chugged away, hopefully with the body parts.

The bus driver announced to us, “Wait small.”

Six hours after that tiny holdup, another giant motor vehicle arrived, and we boarded it. 

Lots of us would never think such impediments and postponements were little.

But the Africans rarely say, “It’s a big struggle, long wait or a major problem.” 

Maybe we should maintain the attitude that problems, sicknesses and delays are small compared to Almighty God and His vastness.

So let’s remember how great God is! Bigger than anything we face.

Thanks for joining me,


Have a great week.

From Celeste of celestialsafaris


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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