Psalm 127:2  “He gives his beloved sleep.”

Have you ever had a hard time falling sleep?  Almost everyone has at one time. There were nights when I was so physically exhausted that I couldn’t relax to get to sleep. Other times, my brain raced through a million ideas. Every word said to me that day and every thought ran wildly through my tired mind and kept me awake.

I started praying, but that never put me to sleep. The more I prayed the more wide awake I became to pray for more people.

Counting sheep, or imagining I was a giant bag of sand that flowed slowly out of my little toe while I counted backwards from a thousand didn’t help.

It would have been less trouble to get a prescription for a sleeping pill, but they can be addicting and unhealthy.

Or maybe drink some hot milk.

Controlling the environment like sleeping on a comfortable bed in a dark room with white noise may help.

But not much will help if every problem that came your way throughout the day is running through your mind before going to bed. Try to get rid of all that mental stress first. The psalmist said in Psalms 127:2 “Do not eat the bread of sorrows.”

Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Don’t wallow in your depression.

Don’t waste time grieving.

Don’t hold onto sadness.

Don’t spend too much time mourning.

Don’t squander time.

Don’t fritter away the night with regrets.

The African people don’t have the luxury of warm milk, a comfortable bed, or white noise to help get to sleep. They buy a Bible and put it under their heads at night. Then they testify in church how it gave them a good night’s sleep.

Instead of putting your head on the Bible, try reading it to fall asleep. Maybe the devil, your adversary, who doesn’t want you to read it, will put you to sleep. Whether your head is on top of God’s Word or His Word is inside your head, the scriptures will give rest.

Psalm 127:2  “It is vain of you to rise up early. To sit up late. To eat the bread of sorrows. For so He gives His beloved sleep.”


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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2 Responses to SLEEP

  1. Nita says:

    I love this!!!!!

  2. Martin LaBar says:

    Giant bag of sand? OK . . .

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