Lost Stars

Two little boys walked into my house trailer. They didn’t knock or call but just came inside.

“Where is your mother? Are you lost?” I asked.

“Grandpa is in the truck.”

I looked out the window and there was an elderly man sitting there.

The children made themselves at home and sat down on the couch.

The smallest one said, “I’m eight years old. I lived here when I was four. Can I have my stars?”

What was he talking about? They weren’t shepherds or wise men, and I didn’t live in a stable.

“Where are the stars?”

They are in our bedroom. The little one pointed.

“Show me.”

We went into the spare bedroom.  They pointed to the ceiling. “Those are our stars. They light up at night so we are not in the dark.”

When I moved into the trailer I paid no attention to them for I thought they were part of the ceiling.

I got up on a chair and with a little flick I could knock one off. So I began tapping stars from the sky. Giggling, the children ran to pick the stars up from the floor.

So on Christmas eve, the two little children came and asked for their stars. After I gave them the stars, they left with their grandpa. Sometimes the most bizarre incidents in life make perfect sense.

The wise men followed the star to take them to the light of the world, so they would have light for all eternity.  If you are in darkness because you left behind your glowing stars, it makes perfect sense to go back and collect them.

If you don’t have the light of Christ, you can surrender to Him. He will become the light of your life.

No one wants to spend the night in a dark room, certainly not two little boys. Who wants to spend his life in a dark world, without Christ?

Thank you Lord, the light of the world.


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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  1. wildernessgrace says:

    Love this! Happy New Year, Celeste!

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