Lord, help me!

“Lord, help me,” may be one of the shortest prayers we can pray.

“The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” (Matthew 15:25-26) Jesus healed her child right away.

I’m driving on the interstate, and the gps says, “Get in the right hand lane to exit in two miles.” All around me the heavy traffic is zipping along at 65, and I’m in the middle but need to get in the right lane.  I put the turn indicator light on and look out both side view mirrors and the rear view mirror. There’s no break in the traffic. The exit is getting closer. So I pray, “Lord, help me.”

At the last minute a thoughtful driver flashes his lights and lets me in. So I zip to the right and off the exit ramp in the nick of time. I sigh, “Thank you, Lord.”

In Matthew 14:30-31, Jesus saved Peter immediately from drowning. Throughout the Bible Jesus saved and healed some right away but others later.

In Africa I confronted scorpions, deadly snakes, crazy men with raised machetes, or threatening officers. Sometimes the “Lord, help me,” prayer was all I could mumble. Praise God, He always delivered me.

Now I’m praying the “Lord, help me,” prayer over computers.  I thought I wasn’t getting immediate responses, but God calmed me down and assured me a computer problem is not life-threatening. So I must wait.  Then I realize He did answer right away by giving me peace that He will take care of it in His time.

All my prayers are always answered in His time.

How about you? Do you find this true?




God anser s all our prayers with a yes, no and wait. Sometimes I think if we are not in a life threatening situation, immediate danger of dying and it


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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One Response to Lord, help me!

  1. mflabar says:

    These things aren’t life-threatening. If they were, a lot of us would be dead.

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