Memoirs or an autobiography

Memoirs or an autobiography

The most popular pieces that people want to write, outside of a bestselling novel, are either memoirs or an autobiography. A memoir is a period of time during one’s life. I could write, My Memoirs of Africa. An autobiography is one’s life, beginning to end.

Whether you wish to write a memoir or an autobiography, the point is, WRITE it.

But many say, “I really want to WRITE what happened to me but I can’t. My spelling is awful and I don’t know proper grammar.”

It doesn’t matter. Sit down and WRITE it.

To emphasize how valuable this could be, a few weeks ago, I found a six-page document with my father’s name at the top. Dad never said much about anything, so at first it was hard to believe he had written it.

As I read it I cried.

My father was the only child of Germans who immigrated to the States before World War One. Up until he was five he could speak only German. Then he started school when the war broke out.

Here’s a summary of my father’s words from the first page. “I was persecuted all the time.  I ran across people’s yards every day to try to get away from the boys who wanted to beat me up. I couldn’t go to school or back home without being beaten up. It lasted all during the years I was in school. Then even beat up my dad. They burned the Kaiser in my front yard.”

It was written in my father’s voice, as if he was sitting in the room telling me this face to face. But he passed away over thirty years ago, which made this document more precious to me.

Why did I just find it? My belongings were kept in storage the years I worked in Africa, so now I’m getting around to looking at old family photos and memorabilia.

So write those memoirs or that autobiography. You may not know today how it will minister to someone. Maybe it will never be published, but think how your words might speak to a grandchild or others later on, even after you’ve passed away.

Pick up that pencil and WRITE. Don’t worry about not doing well in English. Your own words will be better and more effective anyway. My dad’s words touched my heart.

And if no one but your great-great-great grandchildren, read the words and are blessed, it will be enough for them because it was for me.




About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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One Response to Memoirs or an autobiography

  1. mflabar says:

    I guess that was a real surprise, and added some depth to your view of your father.

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