A Bride’s Story

It’s awesome how God speaks to us sometimes. Lately, I’ve found great delight in my daily Bible study.

I usually read something from the New Testament, and something from the Old. Today I read Psalm 10, Matthew 11, Song of Solomon 4-6, and Philippians 3. In Song of Solomon, we are acquainted with Solomon and his Shulammite bride, which mirrors the love of Christ for His church. In chapters 4-6, they’re expressing their admiration and love for each other. The bride hesitates when her beloved comes knocking at her door at night, and he leaves. In her search for him, she comes across guards who strike her, and she is in agony as she cannot find him. But then they reunite and all is forgotten except their immense love for each other. In Matthew 11, Jesus tells us to take on His yoke, for it is easy.   In Psalm 10, God is our protector, provider, and defender. In Philippians 3, Paul tells us to press on, to persevere in faith, and to count everything as loss for the joy of following Christ and reaching our final goal. At first the readings didn’t seem to connect, but suddenly it all came together. God loves us so very much! He can’t help but express it in His Word. Our relationship is like a marriage. He has His role; we have ours. He protects, guides, and provides for us. We believe in Him, open our hearts to Him, and carry the yoke with Him. We share everything, even suffering and pain, but we focus not on today’s hurts, but on tomorrow’s joy – our life together where there will be no more pain or sorrow – when He finally comes to take us to the home He’s prepared for us. Yes, I’ve heard all this before, but today, seeing Jesus in that yoke with me, carrying that load that seems so heavy to me (and it is if I carry it alone), relating to me as a husband with His wife who work together in a marriage – well, I suddenly felt lighter. Yes, I can do this! Because I’m not doing it alone. So can you, if you let Jesus carry His part of the yoke. I decided I’m going to think more like a bride. Isn’t God so very good to love us so much!

Amen. Thank you Reenie Rickard for this inspiring devotion. Keep up the writing.

Reenie is an active member with me at United Wesleyan church. She loves music and sings in the choir. Reenie also helps with Feed the Need and kids connect.







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I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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  1. mflabar says:

    Good insight.

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