The ugly truth is often hard to hear

Some friends told me that my novel Shaken Blessings was a difficult book to read because of the traditions that hurt children. So I decided to edit and re-publish.

As I started deleting, the Lord reminded me of Biblical accounts.

Cain killing Abel was gruesome. The rape of Tamara was horrendous. Parents eating their children was awful. Herod’s slaughter of all babies under two years was atrocious. Christ’s crucifixion was hideous. The stoning of Steven was unspeakable. The description of the fires of Hell for all eternity to those who do not believe in Christ is horrifying. These are true and move us to cry, get others to change, and hopefully repent.

Mary Slessor heard of the battle about to begin between two warring African tribes. She dropped everything and ran barefoot through the jungle. When she arrived, the men were passing around liquor, dancing, and yelling threats. They were covered in war paint. The skulls and scalps of earlier victims waved from poles.

As each tribe was about to start killing, Mary stood on a log between them. She scolded the men and refused to back down.

“Out of the way. You die, too, white Ma!”

“Shoot if you dare!” she called back.

She convinced them to move under a tree and talk about their disagreement. Later, they went home without bloodshed.

Mary Slessor’s books are completely true, not written as novels like mine.

My books might be difficult to read, but many of the events are based on true incidents. If we never hear of injustices and atrocities, how can we right the wrong? Take a stand against evil. Defend the weak. Or maybe repent?

So I’m not changing much in Shaken Blessings.


About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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2 Responses to The ugly truth is often hard to hear

  1. Nita says:

    Celeste, it’s is okay to revise those things that need revision but life as it is in Africa is life and we need to face the facts. War stories are hard to read, break out hearts but they are true. Shaken Blessings is a war story of a different type, a war between Christ and Satan. This is an age old story and still needs to be preached.
    I was fortunate enough to be able to red a draft of a story you wrote about the forced circumcision of young Africa girls. That is brutal, how much more so if the story is never told and children continue to suffer because of it.
    Keep writing the truth, Celeste, it may not be easy to read but I’m sure it’s twice as bad to have to remember and write.

  2. mflabar says:

    Good. Don’t.

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