Sometimes, it’s best to give up. After you give up, give it over to God.

“Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.” Psalm 37:5

Over the last few weeks I’ve had one complication and delay after the other putting together the third book, A Wavering Hope, in my Living Sacrifices series. My goal was to have it published before November 13. I’ve been asked to deliver the primary talk at the annual Author showcase in the public library.

Daily interruptions, unexpected meetings, and out-of-town trips prevented it from coming together. I’d done everything possible to make it happen, but it wasn’t happening. Last week I gave up trying to get it completed by the date of the presentation.

After I gave up, I gave the book over to the Lord who loves us so much. If we surrender all areas of our lives to Him, His control over them brings about far better results than we could ever manage under our own strength.

Then yesterday God orchestrated the formatting, proofing, and cover to all come together. It wasn’t a miracle like walking on water but a great blessing.

I’ve prayed and surrendered it to the Lord.   It’s in His hands whether it arrives for the presentation or not. I’m at peace trusting Him no matter what happens.

Give up doing it in your own strength. Then give it over to the Lord. You will be amazed and happy with His results.



About celestecharlene

I served as a medical missionary in West Africa for thirty years treating the sick and establishing health clinics in rural neglected areas.
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